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::Hiroto's Red Hot Community::
  01 [VRF × MJP] Alice Nine to Rock the Venue with All Their Might!

The artists and fans alike are very excited about the festival!
Here's one band that can't wait for the show to begin!

For this interview Alice Nine will share their thoughts!

The questions are of course related to V-ROCK FESTIVAL, but contrary to their cool looks they came up with a barrage of funny answers!
They're so weird they might be incomprehensible!

10|06|09 - 17:43 - Daily Communities
Hi Everybody

Few days ago I disclose a new Comm here Hiroto_Daily. And now we have the group of 5 "daily"  communities.


Posting informations, pictures and many other thing about the members of Alice Nine. Everyone of those has a diferent maintainer.

If you want, join us  ^^

Thank you in advance.
09|29|09 - 10:04 - Hiroto_Daily Community

I created a new community to Hiro_Pon... hiroto_daily where I (and the other members when they come ^^") will post a lot of things (icons, pikus, news, graphics, scans etc)  related Hiroto.

The community will be update day by day with news about Pon. So if you love him as I do, please join and share this passion. XD

Thanks ^^

Jackie_Pon deshita~. 
Hi everyone, Sistic (Singaporean ticketing website) is having a poll on concerts that people would want to see being organised. A9 is one of the options, so please support our boys in the voting poll here. we get one vote a day each email so please help and spread the word.thanks!!
Shou- Maybe it's the eyes?


[24✩] alice nine.
[5✩] ueda tatsuya
[7✩] prince of tennis
[2✩] hongo kanata



[11✩] alice nine.

Find it here @ uebo14! 8D
04|12|09 - 10:40 - 2 alice nine. FO banners
2 alice nine. FO banners are living here! ;D

**aww i know i should've made the teasers :O**
03|26|09 - 20:44 - alice nine. new community
RYUHEI||shades of cool

this is an alice nine. based community to bring fans of this beloved band together and to share such love with one another. ♥

alphanine alphanine alphanine alphanine alphanine

j o i nr u l e s
03|23|09 - 13:53 - alice nine. PROFILE LAYOUTS.
Shou- Maybe it's the eyes?

Profile layouts

[✩] 1 Shou
[✩] 1 Hiroto
[✩] 1 Tora
[✩] 1 Saga
[✩] 1 Nao

HERE @ uebo14
02|28|09 - 12:19 - New gifs :P
Shou- Maybe it's the eyes?
Finally, an update 8D and I bring with me 17 alice nine.gifs.:D Enjoy~


Mostly I did Saga's 'cause he's cute.♥
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